Closed Captioning

AV Capture Legislative Solution

Closed Captioning Connects People

Connect with more of your constituents by using our Live & On-Demand Closed Captioning services for your live streamed and recorded meetings.

The benefits of closed captioning can be immeasurable for all citizens, but especially for the hearing-impaired.  Your constituents will appreciate the improved accessibility and transparency the closed captioning will bring to your meetings.

Live Closed Captioning

Live streaming your meetings is a convenient way to keep your constituents engaged.  Our Live Closed Captioning service uses advanced AI algorithms to translate speech-to-text in real time.  The captions are displayed in the media player in perfect sync with the audio.

On-Demand Closed Captioning

When meetings are recorded in AV Capture, the Audio/Video, Agenda and Related Documents are published to cloud storage for on-demand viewing by your constituents.  Our On-Demand Closed Captioning service runs the audio through an advanced speech-to-text translator at the time of publish.  Within minutes, the closed captioning is available for on-demand streaming, and the transcript is available for download.

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