AV Capture Legislative Solution

Empower Citizens with Accessible Records

Create a session and start recording in seconds. Import your Agenda & Related Documents, synchronize document content, and publish everything online with a single click. Manage your recordings online with our Media Management library.

A transparent and open government grows trust and engagement.  Civic records shared online with easily searchable Audio/Video content and document integration allow citizens to stay informed with their local government’s decision-making.

Create a session and start recording in seconds

With the AV Capture solution, all you need is a Windows PC, microphone and/or video camera and you are able to record and stream your meetings online.  To record a meeting, simply click New Session, enter the Session Name and Date, and then click Create.  Once the session is created, just click Record.  The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.  Import an Agenda and record participant attendance and votes.  Pause the recording during breaks or executive sessions, and re-start right where you left off.

Import Agenda & Related Documents, Synchronize, and Publish

Once a new session is created and the Agenda imported, it can be pre-published online to allow constituents to review the Agenda before the meeting occurs.  The recording screen and Agenda display side-by-side, where the Agenda can be edited and Related Documents imported.  Agenda items can be synchronized or time stamps added during or after the recording.  After the meeting is concluded, publishing online can be instant or postponed until a later time.

Manage your recordings online with our Media Management library

The Media Library allows staff the ability to login and manage their published sessions.  The library enables users to view sessions as Recorded, Live or Upcoming, and can be managed by department, date, location and searchable content.  These details may be edited and media downloaded from the library.

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