Businesses all over the country are taking steps to keep their employees safe from the deadly coronavirus outbreak by allowing them to work from home. In the area hardest hit in the country, King County in Washington state, government buildings are doing the same.

The Department of Homeland Security has closed one of its facilities in Washington state and directed all employees to telework for two weeks in response to the growing threat of coronavirus in the area.


Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf ordered the closure of a federal building in King County, Washington, which began today. The office will remain closed for 14 days, and its employees have been directed to self-quarantine for two weeks, Wolf said.

The Office of Personnel Management is urging agencies to ensure as many federal employees as possible are prepared for telework, amid growing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus across the United States.

However, Courts and Legislatures may not be able to close because of a heavy docket load and schedule. Courthouses are some of the busiest buildings in every State and County and despite closures of other Federal agencies and buildings, justice centers may have to stay open.

“Every court is supposed to have an emergency plan. If you have an outbreak, there’s not time to be reading books and looking at your plan. You need to be doing that in advance,” said Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer who now heads the Ohio Judicial Conference.

“We’re looking at what the Supreme Court has issued. We want to make sure the employees and the visitors in this building are safe,” said Administrative Judge Brendan Sheehan.

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