Have you ever thought about the history of the job you hold or its job description?  For City or Town Clerks, it’s a long history and even long job description.

Since the beginning of time, there’s been someone whose job it is to keep track of the issues’ citizens face and their leaders’ response.  When early Americans were setting up local governments, settlers established the position of Town Clerk. The Office of Clerk was the first position colonial Americans established in the local government at Plymouth Colony. The city clerk’s role and responsibilities extended to being the recorder of appointments, deeds, meetings, and births, deaths, and marriages. The clerk was also responsible for overseeing elections.

Not much has changed for current City Clerks.

Early town clerks recorded the town’s happenings by memory and recited them at town meetings. Of course, City Clerks still use written and printed documents to record their town’s history and important records, but how they store those records and important documents are very different with the use of technology that’s faster, safer and more cost-effective to use, such as AV Capture All’s solutions.

Today, city, town and municipal clerks have become the hub of the government. Clerks stand as the local historian and remain a trusted link between the citizens and the government.

It has been noted that no other office in municipal service has so many contacts and responsibilities as the City Clerk. The position serves the Mayor, the City Council, the City Manager, and all administrative departments. The demands on a City Clerk require the person who fills the job to wear many hats and have awareness of many topics and issues. The position is central to pulling together all aspects of local government, including storing, maintaining and communicating municipal documents and records, fiscal records and vital records, and city business.

More specifically, City Clerks are the connection between citizens and the government by providing the necessary transparency of government records like public meeting agendas and minutes, to name a few.

When your job is to keep a city running, utilizing technology solutions that can make the job easier is essential.  AV Capture All has the solutions that help a City Clerk manage all their responsibility.

Our governance technology allows for City Clerks, who must collaborate with government staff members to set the agenda, goals, and objectives, to easily upload all documents.

AV Capture All offers affordable meeting management solutions for local government.  Our solutions improve efficiency by streamlining the meeting workflow while promoting transparency and accountability by empowering constituents to access valuable information pertaining to their community.  With AV Capture All, government agencies can easily Capture, Manage & Share their meetings online. Request a demo today!